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Todd and Meredith
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ok so honesty is the name of this blog... I am going to be honest with where I am today.

I am tired of waiting, most of the time I don't mind waiting, but this week has been one of those weeks where the waiting is just hard. I am so beyond ready to have a baby. We are ready! I was telling Todd how I was more than ready this week and tired of waiting and he was totally agreeing. He is tired and ready too BUT at the same time we see God!

Tonight I was on facebook and one of my friends is also adopting and her status was "Praying for God to help me through this "waiting" period. Played this song probably about 50 times in the last month. Love Kari Jobe!" (side note if you are looking for a great new song check this one out, it is great!) I know that feeling of the waiting period being long. I felt joy to know that I am not the only one waiting to adopt. I know there are tons of families out there waiting to hear too and it gives me joy to be in community (even just through facebook) with other Christian friends waiting and praying.

We got a lead on a woman who was pregnant and looking for a family but it was an odd situation and as much as your heart got excited for the thought but after praying for guidance and to know whether to consider this mother; the moment had passed. I felt a strange peace about it being gone and I knew at that moment that it was God protecting us and telling me that he has the perfect situation and baby in mind for us.

So I continue to pray and trust God to help us through this "waiting" period and knowing that God is not just waiting but working and preparing for us the situation that He has for us. I am so excited to know that God is already there. He knows what baby will enter our family, what birth mother is going to be our birth mother, and what a blessing this whole adoption will be in the end but also during this waiting time.

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support. We are still working hard to pay for our adoption through fundraisers and will have a few coming up soon but if you are thinking about Christmas gifts already please remember that we are selling tee shirts to raise money for our adoption. Please visit our website and invite your friends to visit too (!

Please continue to pray for us and our adoption!! Love to you all and your families! Have a happy and joy filled Thanksgiving!!!