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Todd and Meredith
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

R is the letter of the day... resurrection and Rio 2!

It has been a long time since I haven't written a post. Not because I haven't wanted to or I don't have anything to share but because time is precious and I have been loving the time with my Payton and when she takes a nap it is the perfect time to do work or catch up on mail or a number of other things.

But today I feel inspired and ready to write a blog. Today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter and seriously one of my favorite weekends! A weekend that makes my heart feel sadness, pain, thankfulness, joy, hope, and mostly LOVE!

I love Easter and all that it stands for... I love that God loves me and EVERY person in this world so much that He would suffer and die to express that love! I love that there are traditions that surround this hope and love! I love the spring air, the church services, the constant reminders of Jesus and His love for us!
One of the traditions in my family growing up was to go away for Easter weekend and spend the weekend at a hotel, go shopping on Saturday for Easter outfits, visit a church and then have an Easter brunch before heading home. Well for many reasons we could not do that this year with my family but today we went to the mall to get Easter outfits and to see a movie.
We took Payton to go see Rio 2 and yes we maybe a little crazy as a one year old in the movies can be crazy but she highly enjoyed Rio so we were hopeful. Well it goes without saying that Payton is growing up! We have been seeing many true signs of this lately and hard to believe how big and independent she really is but at the movie she did AWESOME!

She had a little candy treat, sat in a booster seat, laughed, pretended to cry and all the wonderful things that one year olds do at movies but my favorite part was at the end of the movie (movie spoiler coming up, haha)...

The lady friend of the birds knocks over one of the bad guys tractors and throws her hands up in the air and cheered and right on que Payton did the same. Her hands went up and she was smiling and say "yahoo!" Todd being the best dad didn't let his daughter sit there cheering alone and threw his hands up too and cheered with her. In that moment I thought, wow my life is a treasure and I am so thankful that God has made this my family!! I will always think of this Easter with fond memories of Payton and Todd cheering at the movie theatre as we make traditions of our own to celebrate the best gift... God's unfailing love through Jesus' resurrection!!