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Todd and Meredith
A blog about the love and joy that came to us through adoption!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family and faith

Well blog writing has not taken a priority lately with Payton being here.

I have gone back to work full time with the pleasure of being able to work at home some days too which is such a blessing. Todd went to Chicago for a week to visit with his family and to celebrate Grandma Pete's 96th birthday and Payton and I did well together. She is such a great baby, she went to work with me and to church and we were able to get done what needed to be done. Of course we were happy when Todd got home but we were also happy that Todd got to go spend that time with his family.

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year! Easter!!

I have always loved Easter! My parents did a great job of teaching us about the true meaning of Easter and making the weekend all about family and faith and I am excited to do the same with Payton. Last weekend we got together with Payton's biological grandparents and mom and it was just a nice celebration of love. It is so amazing to know that Payton has so much love surrounding her. Tomorrow my niece is flying in from Montana to celebrate Easter with us and to meet her cousin! I can't tell you how excited I am to have this time with April, my niece, during this holiday weekend.

As we prepare for Easter I think about all this holiday means. Easter is the true reason that when we are grieving we can have hope, when we feel lost we can be confident, when we are seeking there is an answer and I want Payton to know that! I want Payton to be a confident girl, not because of objects or situations but because of her love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. To know the true meaning of Easter is why I can have a faith that is bigger and stronger than anything that happens to me and if I can only pass one thing on to my daughter that would be what I want to pass on, my faith.

Payton and I often have the mornings together when she first wakes up because Todd does the 3 am feeding and this morning was the same. We took out the Children's Bible and read from Palm Sunday to Easter morning in the Bible. It is a special time I get to share with Payton about the true love God had/has for everyone.

I encourage all of you as you have your Easter egg hunts (we did ours last weekend) and you get your baskets ready from the bunny, and you plan big meals as a family, to pull out the Bible. For some you might have to dust off the Bible and for others you have heard the story a thousand times but what a joy it is to hear it again. To see yourself in the story, the disciples emotions, Mary as she goes to the tomb and it is EMPTY! Go ahead and enter the story, it is the best gift you will ever receive, God's love, an eternal and hope filled love!

Don't be ashamed if you don't go to church and want to go on Easter Sunday! I often hear people say that some people only come for Easter and Christmas to church and I want to encourage you if that is you: Go! Go to church on Sunday and hear the Good News again! It is worth it!

I look forward to spending this Easter with my family! To starting small traditions! But mostly I look forward to the passion that is relight with the Easter story! I hope my daughter will some day treasure this holiday as much as I do!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thanking God

This morning I was up at 3:00 am doing baby Payton duty and after changing a screaming babies diaper and getting settled for the bottle feeding, I looked down at my beautiful baby.

I was overwhelmed with the thankfulness to God for giving me this amazing baby and so today I am here to blog about my love for God, Payton, Todd and our life together! I won't be where I am without my loving God and I am glad to have had that moment this morning to thank God for the gift that Payton is to our family!

Today is Payton's 6 month birthday and she has been with us now for 2 months and we are head over heels in love with our family. Payton is a joy and it is fun to watch her laugh and grow and Todd and I could not be  more blessed with such an amazing child! We love parenting her and she is a blessing!

Thank you all for your prayers! Thank you for your continued prayers as we continue in this adoption process of our little Payton!