Todd and Meredith

Todd and Meredith
A blog about the love and joy that came to us through adoption!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

An update from Meredith

Today is Super Tuesday and super exciting at Soaring Wings Ministries as we introduced our Building Fund Drive today! It is great for me too personally because I have been able to work on the brochure, postcards, letters, etc from home while still recovering and going to all the doctors appointments that I have had to go to the last two months.

I am feeling better. I am thankful that the pneumonia is gone and I have more energy. I do not have to wear oxygen when I am at rest. I do when I am up and moving around but that is even at a low amount and I am hopeful that I will be able to get off the oxygen in the near future.

I am able to do more around the ranch and with the family. I get to go to church which is huge for me,  work on the Soaring Wings website and mailings, I can help in the kitchen and I can play with Payton. Somethings are still frustrating that are limited but I try to focus on how much better I am doing and where we are going.

I am still doing testing and trying medicines and seeing many specialist. This is a strange week as I have no doctors appointments but fear not I have multiple specialist next week :)

There is no official word of what is going on with my body yet besides something in the lungs and an autoimmune disease but what they are and if they are connected are not known yet but as long as I continue to improve and feel better that is what I care about.

I am so thankful to everyone for your prayers and support. It has been hard being limited in my outside contact but the medicine I am on makes me more likely to catch other viruses and have a low immune system so I do as much as I can from home to support and work for Soaring Wings Ministries.

If you have a chance please check out and look at the building fund page and my missionaries page. I continue to work to raise support so I can do Soaring Wings Ministries full time. This week, Friday, we will be going out to do Donuts with Friends and I am looking forward to getting back out with the homeless and encouraging them. Please pray for us as we serve them and interact with our homeless friends.

Please keep the prayers coming that I would have continued energy, strength and limited need for the oxygen. Please pray for the doctors to be wise in the next steps. Thank you for all your cards, encouraging notes, meals, prayers and words!

Thank you!
Meredith Peters

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My daily life since traveling East


I have decided that since I am home bound for a little over a week that I would write a blog. Everyone keeps asking how I am doing and what the latest news is and so I will blog and who knows maybe get back into blogging more after this situation is done too. I enjoyed blogging before and I enjoy being able to look back on the blog so we will see where this go but for today here is my blog...

Todd, Payton and I got to go back to New England for three weeks during the Christmas season to visit with family and friends (and meet the news member of the Peters family). We were so excited to also be sharing at different places about Soaring Wings Ministries and what God is doing here in Colorado with our lives and the lives of the homeless. While we were back in New England I started feeling worst and worst. I couldn't really pinpoint what was worst but I knew when I got back to Colorado I should go to the doctor. I was short of breath when I had to talk for long times and I was tired but worst was my heart would race so fast from the littlest things.

When we got back to Colorado I thought I just had a chest cold but I was not coughing and it was not passing. I called the doctor and they did an X-ray and I had pneumonia so they sent me home to rest and take some medicine. At home I felt no better and maybe even worst so when I went back on Monday, 5 days later, for my follow up they said try so new medicines and rest but if your oxygen drops below 85 just go to the closest ER.

When I walked into the pharmacy to get my medicine my oxygen was below 85 before I got to the pharmacy so off to urgent care we went leaving the medicine at the pharmacy. At urgent care they ran test and looked at stuff and made sure that I didn't have blood clots because from the X-ray they were not sure. Thankfully there were no blood clots just severe pneumonia so by ambulance they sent me to the hospital to be admitted.

When I arrived they hooked me up to every machine and got me ready for the night. My blood results  showed that my pneumonia was going septic and they worked hard in the night to get me so I could be more stable. The nurses were amazing and I was thankful to be in good hands. I progressed and felt ready to leave so on Thursday they sent me home.

Thursday and Friday morning I felt fine but by Friday evening I was starting to feel just as sick and by Saturday morning I was so sick I couldn't even barely stand. It was horrible and scary so Todd took me back to the hospital and they admitted me again. The pneumonia was back and I was needing more medical advice. I had a lung specialist come and he was convinced that it must be a bad viral pneumonia since I had been on medicine for almost 2 weeks at this point and not much improvement but the test results come back and it was not viral so then on to the next test.

The lung specialist tested my autoimmune levels and those results came back with positives but not clear enough to give a diagnosis yet without seeing a rheumatologist. So the pneumonia was having a hard time getting out of my system as my body is fighting autoimmune disease as well.

We finally all agreed that I could be on oxygen and rest at home just the same as I was in hospital. They were fearful that I would catch something else at the hospital and my body is just not strong enough to fight anything else right now. So until Feb. 8 when I can see the rheumatologist I will be at home, resting, drinking lots of water, and trusting God everyday for His guidance and wisdom.

How am I feeling? I am feeling hopeful and thankful that God holds me in His hand daily. God knows way more than I can about my body or any doctors. I am thankful for doctors but my trust is ultimately in God's hands and my future too.
I am thankful for my family. Payton's laughter and hugs can make anything seem better. I am thankful for Todd, mom, dad, my brother and my sister for their help and patience as I can not do much of anything.
I am frustrated that even something as simple as going to use the restroom or leaning over to kiss Payton can make my heart race so high it hurts. My body is sore and still needs more rest than I know how to give it but I am thankful to be home, to see the sunlight, and be a part of daily life at the ranch. I am trying hard to be patience with myself and take life one moment at a time.
Thank you to everyone who has sent cards, written messages, brought food and visited me in the hospital. The encouragement is so amazing and I am thankful!

Psalm 91:2 "I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.”