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Todd and Meredith
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Friday, February 3, 2012

The desire

This morning I woke up with the desire to blog so here it is,

I am thankful for the opportunity to go through this adoption journey with my favorite person, my husband. It is a wonderful chance for us to grow closer together and to use each other's strengths when a weakness of ourselves shines through. God has blessed me with an amazing husband and I am blessed to walk hand in hand with him as we adopt.

This week after much planning on my part with money we figured our that we will not be getting money back from our taxes (which I had desired to pay off part of our adoption loan with), we will be breaking even which is fine but I was mad when I realized it. Todd thought about it and when we readdressed and refocused, we both realized we are fine, we will continue to pay the loan and be thankful for our jobs and family and friends that make all this possible. God is with us and He already knew that we were not going to have money from our taxes this year and still continues to guide us forward in this adoption journey. Facts about Todd and I, he is calm and thinks through situations and I tend to be emotional and get frustrated or worried.

One of my favorite movies is Anne of Green Gables and there is a line in the movie that reminds me of Todd and I, "Anne: I can't help flying up on wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset... almost pays for the thud. Marilla: Well, maybe it does. But I'd rather walk calmly along and do without flying AND thud." I know full well that I plan to the point that I thud down when the plans are not fulfilled, my mind thinks and plans but daily God is teaching me that His path is right and mine leads to missed lessons and missed opportunities to share about His amazing grace and ability to provide so I will try not to fly so high and walk calmly along. Maybe with Todd and God I will figure it out one day, maybe.

I am so truly thankful for our families and friends. I pray daily for people who do not have a strong support system. I do not understand how they get through life, as we could not be where we are and who we are without our support systems. Todd and I are so blessed to both come from families that care about us, love us and pray for us and our church family and friends, amazing! The outpouring of love, support and prayers continue to astound us and we are so thankful for each person who tells us they are praying for us as we go through this journey! So thank you! Thank you for the encouragement through prayers and gifts, you are all miracles to us!

What will tomorrow hold? Who knows but for us we continue to hold onto God and we continue to strive to learn more and more to let Him lead and us follow.

We pray for all of you and give thanks for you every day!!

God Bless! Love, Todd and Meredith Peters

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