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Todd and Meredith
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The joys of adoption

Many responses come from telling people you are adopting and in the adoption process I have felt many feelings but for the most part the feelings have been of joy.

Joy in the fact that we will be welcoming a child into our lives that is already loved by so many, joy for the fact that so many are praying for our child, and joy in the fundraising process.

Yes fundraising is exhausting (at 7 pm at the Peters' household tonight it feels like 10 pm to us all!), fundraising is a process but it is a joy. A joy to share with friends, family, and strangers about the calling on our lives to love another; to do what God has called us all to do in loving one another!

Today was no different! We had a fundraiser, a yard sale, and we prepared by collecting donations, hanging posters, talking about it all week on facebook and the day finally arrives and we are set up and for the first hour we were having a great showing. People were coming, we were selling items, we were telling them about our yard sale and giving out fliers about our tee shirts and then nothing.

THE ROAD WAS BLOCKED for a road race!! Ahhh the first reaction was oh well we can't control this just like I can't control when we will receive a child and then I went inside and emptied the dishwasher and prayed that when the road opened that God would bring people here that needed to hear about our adoption or who would be willing to buy stuff. The blocked road also gave us a chance for some great laughs and checking out the merchandise, the joy in the journey. Well as soon as the race was open our road was full of cars ready to shop til they found just the right thing.

We were blessed all day! We saw people stop bargaining when they heard it was for an adoption, we received many donations on top of the items price marked and we saw that people in our community, life, and perfect strangers are generous and caring! It was a joy to fundraise today and share about our love for our future child.

My mom was here all day and she worked so hard and always a great greeter, Todd was in charge of the money and Patty (one of my teenagers) was our entertainment and our endless helper. They were all awesome and the day was a success because they were there but also because people donated so much stuff and come and shopped but at the end of the day it was a fundaiser and people always want to know how much you made... so how much did we make.

Well last night mom was like "I think $200 would be great." I agreed because we didn't have anything for sale for more than $15 and we knew the road race would stop some of the traffic but we serve a God bigger than road races or ticket prices and we were able to raise $417.13

Can you believe it?? Nothing short of a miracle so THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you! But mostly thank you to God for providing for us in another way that we didn't think was possible! Thank you!! As always at the end of the night it is a JOY TO SERVE GOD and serve Him with so many wonderful families and friends and community members!

Here are some pictures from the day! Enjoy!
Friends from church were some of our early shoppers :) 
 Mom with the necklace pile! 
 Susan and Mike Smith shopping the books
 Donna Griswold chatting with other shoppers
 Patty dressed mom as advertisement for the Yard Sale! 
 Do you see the JOY??
 The joy of trying out some of the yard sale findings. 
 Patty's turn! :) The slippers with pink socks and a pink lamp. High Fashion. 
 Todd's family shopping the yard sale. Always a joy to have family around. 
 Todd's mom (soon to be grandmother) shopping. 
 The family- our greatest supporters!!!!!
My mom (Anita), Todd's Cousin (Erik), Todd, Todd's dad (Scott), Todd's mom (Joanne), Todd's Uncle (Mike), Me, Todd's Aunt (Karen)

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