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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First stop was the Amish Country!

We have returned from our wonderful five week RV trip with my parents and WE LOVED IT! It was an adventure for sure and so many stories but I would do it again in a heartbeat! Payton is an amazing baby and would just play with her toys, listen to her CDs, read books or yell at the dogs whenever she was awake and we were traveling longs days. We had some awesome stops and I wanted to blog about a few of the stories (they will come in stages!), sorry I don't have pictures for all the stories... maybe with some of the stories you will be glad we had no pictures.
Payton in the car playing with bracelets as we drive around!

 Luke, one of the dogs, saying hi to Payton through the back window

Payton looking at daddy to see when we are getting out of the car!

We did our family tradition and went to Pennsylvania and did all the tourist things like Kitchen Kettle, Kings Furniture, Hershey's Chocolate World, Lapp Valley Farm, Good n Plenty (Payton loved the mashed potatoes) and all the joys/farms of the Amish Country. I have ALWAYS loved being there and the relaxing time together as a family. This time was super special because it was Payton's first trip to my favorite place! Payton loved the farms and animals and now loves to tell us that cows "MOOOO!" It is awesome to see and hear her learning and growing! We also got to visit with lots of friends, my friends from college-Fawn and her beautiful girl- Afton and Mary and her parents!! We also got to go to an auction and see our friends Josh and Annemarie. Overall PA was one of my favorite stops from the five week vacation, which if you know me at all should not be surprised!
 Enjoying a meal at Good n Plenty! 
 Kitchen Kettle as a Family of 3!!!!
 Payton loves ice cream and Lapp Valley Farm has some of the BEST ice cream ever... we have a smart kid!
 We loved our time as a family!!
 Meme and Payton checking out the cows!
 Enjoying her first taste of chocolate at Hershey's Chocolate World!
 Mary Miller, a great college friend, and Payton spending some good times together!
Potatoes are soooo good at Good n Plenty!

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