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Friday, November 1, 2013

Our First Family Halloween

Payton, the leopard, and Mommy, the witch, at Trunk or Treat
Running around at Trunk or Treat

Well Payton is taking a quick nap so I thought I would write a little blog about our first Halloween as a family. I know there are lots and lots of opinions about Halloween out there and this is mine about Halloween, a sweet time to enjoy some fun dressing up with friends and family and getting to share with others! I have no problem with it and I honestly do enjoy people getting to act like kids for a night! I think it is kind of fun!

So what was Halloween like around here at the Peters house? Well we had a Trunk or Treat event at church on the Saturday before Halloween so Payton got to get dressed up and hang out with her friends there. It was a great event with good people and we had a fun, windy, night.

Payton cheering on DY Field Hockey!
Todd and I talked about taking Payton trick or treating on Halloween and we just kept saying we will see how the day goes. We had costumes if we wanted to go but Payton being only 1 years old she would not know that we are suppose to be doing something different from any other day.

So that morning we heard that the local high school (a bunch of the youth that I had coached in the past now play for) had their tournament game at 2:30 and so I knew we would be going there. We went there with Payton in her costume ready to cheer on DY!

It was an amazing game at the end of regular time the score was tied 1-1 so off to over time. Thankful to be part of a community that cares about the local sports team and loves  my kid so much. Payton didn't seem to mind staying longer at all because two girls were there that had soccer and footballs to play with. Payton loves other kids so we got to stay. After the first over time still tied and then the second overtime still tied and into strokes. After the first 5 strokes it was still tied and then sudden death strokes and DY WON! Congratulations DY team! Well played!

After the game Payton was hungry and just wanted to be home. Payton is a big time home girl and loves to just be home playing with her toys and calling for the dog, haha this is our daily life. So we went home, had a pumpkin with candy in case we got trick or treaters but we didn't so Payton played with all the candy and the pumpkin. Maybe next year we will go trick or treating or maybe we will just enjoy being home as a family again laughing and making memories, isn't that what holidays are about anyways??

Memories were made and we had a wonderful first Halloween together as a family!

Payton and Daddy at Trunk or Treat, enjoying a treat!!

Payton loved playing with all the kids at Trunk or Treat

It was cold at Trunk or Treat but Payton didn't seem to mind. 

Our Family!! 

Payton with her best buddy... Michael Shea

This is my best friend, Caitlin! She was dressed as a cat and Payton was checking it out! 
 Halloween Morning in the Peters Household!
Payton is into walking around the house with either her hairbrush or toothbrush. 
Payton after the DY game, warming up and enjoying the Halloween treats!
Eating the candy, wrap and all. 

We did open the candy and let her have a little but she just liked trying to do everything herself like normal! She wants to be so independent already.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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