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Wednesday, October 19, 2011



One of those things I am so not good at!

When I was maybe 15, I was involved in many things such as Sunday School, church, youth group, etc. and someone smart said just go to God in prayer and ask for what you want. I don't know who it was or what I was thinking because I remember pondering the idea and really thinking about what I wanted. I don't remember praying for a new car or better grades; no I prayed for patience!

What was I thinking!? Since then I have seen God try to show me the way to have patience, the way to be content in waiting with Him for the answer. Maybe someday I will perfect this waiting thing or maybe when I get to heaven God and I can talk about all the times I tried to ask for that prayer back and rush things along.

Well today is a rainy Wednesday on Cape Cod, if you have ever been to Cape Cod in the fall then you know there are many rainy days, and Todd and I both think that today is the day the Angel Adoption looks at all the couple for the month of October and decides who to accept.

Waiting! So me and my impatience just wants to know the answer, we know that God's timing is perfect but I also am human and my desire to know whether it is this month that we get accepted or the next month or the month after that. I have great hope that it is this month but then again if it is November then my family would be here for Thanksgiving and we could celebrate together and if it was December it would be an amazing Christmas miracle so basically I wait.

Lord, help me as I struggle with my ability to wait. Help me to learn to be more content waiting in your safe and holy arms as you love me right where I am. Continue to bless Todd and I and our friends and family as we travel along this adoption journey. Amen!

Love in Christ,


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