Todd and Meredith

Todd and Meredith
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

We look forward to working with you and enriching your lives with the miracle of adoption!

So I am going to write this post and then save it but not publish it and you will soon read why...

Tonight I was laying around watching my favorite show Grey's Anatomy and Meredith, on the show, was delivering babies and all I could think was "man I cannot wait to hold my own child!" So before going to bed I decided to check my personal e-mail one more time...

I was scared and nervous when I saw an e-mail from Angel Adoption but it said, "I would like to formally extend an invitation to you to join Angel Adoption in the month of October; I feel that you would be an asset to our program."

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were accepted, 1 of 6 couples accepted this month to start the process with Angel! I could not be more pleased, I can't say "we couldn't be more pleased" because Todd is sleeping. Todd works the night shift and so sleeps at different times then me; I was tempted to wake him up and share with him but then if he is not awake enough he might not be excited enough or even remember what I am saying so I am having to wait to tell him.

Therefore I won't publish this blog until after I tell him but now it is 11:30 pm and I am wide awake, thinking and praying and over excited to share with my husband and then my family and my friends the good news that we will be beginning our adoption process formally!

To my future child: I pray for you and I don't know you. I love you and I may not meet you for a while. I long to bring you to my home and introduce you to our crazy dog and watch you grow into a child of God. You are being formed now in the image of God and I can't wait to see what creative things He makes you look like and be! God is a God who will always be there for you and I can't wait to share His amazing love with you! You are a blessing and a treasure!


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