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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweet Little Baby

Todd and I have been talking about what to blog about all week and we thought we would blog about our home study or setting up a changing table or maybe our excitement that next year at this time we could be parents. I have decided this morning that I will give you a quick update about those things but that is not what I want to blog about this morning, I want to blog about a song that is stuck in my head and the meaning it has for me this Christmas but first our home study.
We had our first meeting with Mary Ellen, our social worker, and it went well. We met at her office and both Todd and I were there. We have everything turned in so it was not a hard process she knows our life through paper so we just got to talk with her about it some more. The next step is that Todd and I will have separate interviews and then she will come visit our home. The home study has to take at least a month by state laws but she does not see anything that would make it have to take longer at this time so we are hopeful that by the middle to end of January we will be home study approved!

On Black Friday there was a sale at Babies R Us so we got a changing table and a crib for an amazing price. I thought we were going to leave them in the boxes for a while but Todd wanted to set up the changing table so I said go for it. He did and we both agree that we are happy that we set up one piece of furniture. It somehow makes this process more real, to think that soonish we will be changing diapers and blowing on a baby's belly as they laugh at the simple joys in life.

The song that has continued to run through my head this Christmas season is Sweet Little Jesus Boy and as I walked the dog this morning all I could think was that God gave His Son for us. We are all connected to this foster/adoption that God gave His son to Mary for us. I often wonder what I will say or what it will be like to meet or talk with our birth mother but when I think about it as God sending His son and giving Him to another mother, I have a peace about talking with the future birth mother of our child.
I have spent my life being thankful and trying to live a life that is thankful for that gift by sharing
my love of Jesus with others and now I will have an opportunity to do that with a human. To be thankful for the gift they are giving us, their child, and thank them by being good parents who love the child.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you know that you are in our prayers as we are so thankful for your continued support and well wishes for our journey!
Prayer: Thank you God for sending your Son here as a baby. Thank you God for our families and friends and the support through prayer and gifts that they have given to us through our adoption journey and thank you God for the love we have for our future child


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