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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Waiting is not wasted

What a joy this adoption journey has been so far! We are blessed with amazing family, friends, and support! As we continue along the journey to adding to our family through adoption it has been wonderful to see how many people are praying for us and are filled with joy
about our adoption.

We are still so glad that we are going to adopt and as Wednesday approaches and our last home study visit occurs, it seems unreal to us that we are yet another step closer to figuring out what child we will add to our family. The home study, when we looked into adoption was the part that was overwhelming to us, as they need so much information but as we got closer to doing it and now as the time is almost over, we have enjoyed our home study. God has blessed us with assurance that we are doing the right thing, we have not been nervous or anxieties about it as we have trusted fully in God for direction.

At church on Sunday the pastor had a line and it was something like, "waiting time is not wasted time." We are using the time to prepare for our child by praying, by being financially responsible, and by continuing to trust God.

What are we waiting for? We are waiting to complete our home study, and if all goes as planned then that will be on Wednesday. We are waiting for the written report from our home study, we are hoping this does not take too long and that it does not need to be changed so we can just be approved quickly. We are waiting for a mother to pick us, now this is an amount of time that we are not sure of but that we will be praying hard about, that the right mother to be will pick us and that we can bond and trust them and they can bond with us and trust us. We are waiting for our child to be born, funny sometimes to know that we are going to be parents, maybe in some months and maybe in years but no idea more information on this timing right now so we wait.

Waiting is not wasted time, hard to remember sometimes when we are ready to be parents and to adopt our bundle of joy but we wait in the knowledge of God's perfect timing and we are glad to sit with Him during this time!

Prayer: God grant us the patience to be content waiting with you. Father we look to you for wisdom and trust and we are so excited about our future. Be with us as we open our house to the social worker on Wednesday and help her to feel the love for you and for our future child when she enters. Amen

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