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Todd and Meredith
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Friday, September 28, 2012

9 months...

The wait is long. So this month marks the 9th month we have been on the list and we are feeling like we are more than ready to have a baby but it is not our time. Naturally 9 months would make sense to feel ready, right? 

It is like when a mother is pregnant and her child is holding tight inside and they moan about how long they will be past their due date but we don't have a due date yet and we don't have a birthmother yet and still somehow I am still at peace.

I am still at peace with our decision to adopt. Still at peace with the thought that God knows! Still at peace that the average time on the list is 14 months and we still have waiting to do. Still at peace that during this time of waiting we have the amazing support of our friends and family. Still at peace with the time God has given Todd and I to be just Todd and I. 

Do we long for the future? Of course but really we are patience in the step of life that we are in right now. We can do things that those with babies can't do. We can go to a late movie without child care, we can sleep in, we can eat popcorn for dinner, we can have a quiet moment in our house. 

Really though the thing I treasure most about this process is seeing God work. Seeing God's hand when we can pay extra on our bank loan, seeing God send a text from a long time friend when we needed encouragement, seeing God send humor when we needed to laugh. God is good all the time and this week the Sonicflood song- Holiness and one line just keeps running through my head... "faithfulness is what I long for Faithfulness is what I need Faithfulness, faithfulness is what You want from me" God wants me to be faithful in trusting Him, in hoping in Him and so that is what I long for! 

God has blessed us and continues to bless us. We have some amazing supporters of our adoption and we are hoping that by June 2013 we will be able to pay off our bank loan that was not scheduled to be paid off until November 2016. With an interest rate of 10.04% that is a HUGE blessing and so we thank all of you for your support and prayers!

Please continue to pray for us as we wait on the baby that God has planned to be in our lives. Pray for us as we continue to be faithful stewards with our money so we can pay off the bank loan and please give thanks for all of you and all of our supporters financially, emotionally and spiritually! 

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