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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Payton's Adoption Day!

Payton enjoying her Adoption Day
Wow! It has been a well since I have posted but we have been so busy with events and family and friends visiting that there seems to be little time for much never mind for blogging!

Excited to be officially: Todd, Meredith and Payton Peters
But I wanted to share with you about Payton's Adoption Day! If you were not there I will do my best to explain so you know what it was like! To start the feelings that day, nervous- of course, excited- behind words, peacefully- we knew God had blessed us, and joyful- this was the day we had longed for!

We got up in the morning and all got dressed and ready to head to court, once we were in the cars I realized I had not idea where my wallet/license was which I didn't know if I would need that or not so I went searching for it and sure enough it was in Payton's diaper bag!

Off we went to the Barnstable District Probate Court. We got there and had to go through security and I wanted to bring  my camera up but the guards had to check with the judge first because normally cameras are not allowed but of course the judge said yes because it was such a happy experience.

Waiting for the judge and court to start!
We all gathered outside the courtroom, welcoming friends and family and Payton's birth family and our social worker. When it was our time, all of us went into the court room. It was an unexplainable happy and overwhelming moment to see all our supporters/family/friends there! People had traveled to be there and taken time off from work and from their busy lives to see Payton become official Payton Karyn Peters and it meant the world to us! We can't thank everyone enough for being there!!!

Talking with the birth family!

Payton, Todd, myself and my dad sat at one table and the Birth Family sat at the other table. The judge walked in and we all rose and everyone was able to sit but Todd, Payton and I had to go meet the judge. He was super friendly and personal. He made me introduce everyone in the court room and how we knew them, it was a bit overwhelming for some people I could go on all day talking about, as I looked into the room and saw all the love for us as a family I was overwhelmed and just had to keep introducing people. Then my dad spoke a little about us, and then our social worker, and Payton's birth grandmother- that was rough but so sweet! Then the judge said that Todd and I had to speak. We were surprised, we knew nothing about this and were not prepared, but we spoke from the heart and when I started to get emotional- I just stopped. The judge then invited up our friends boy's to make the adoption official, to use the "hammer" as they called it after we signed the official paper work and the judge read the paper work. Calvin was too shy to do it but not Michael so we signed, the judge read, and Michael made it official but slamming the gavel.
With the Judge after our adoption!
Dad talking about us to the judge!
Payton sharing with the room her thoughts!
Making it official!
Michael with the man with the batman cape and hammer as he likes to say!

Payton was so good through all of it. Payton LOVES to be the center of attention. She loves to make people laugh and she now claps and smiles at people. She knows what is going on and so the whole time we were up in front she was hamming it up! It was cute!

Our adoption day was a day that I will never forget! Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes; a day of pure love. Love of Payton to be offered as a gift to us from a family that knew what was best for this amazing girl. A day of love where 36 years before my parents had been married (it was their anniversary day!) and now to get to have a daughter added to my family! A day of love surrounded by such dear family and friends! A day to celebrate the goodness of God's love for us as His adopted children!

Thank you all for your prayers and love and support! We are so blessed!
Auntie Karen and Uncle Mike with us at our adoption
Our friends after the adoption
The Rennells Family after the adoption
Todd's Family after the adoption
The Family!

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  1. This made me remember Lyra's adoption day. I was incredibly overwhelmed by how excited the judge and social workers (and everyone else who regularly spent time in a courtroom) were. They were THRILLED to be having a happy moment in their courtroom. They were grateful for us to be bringing it to them. They wanted to make it last on and on. So special.
    So happy for all of you. So glad that God has blessed Payton and everyone in all her families to make this happen. love you.