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Monday, July 10, 2017

One week post surgery

The view from my bed
Well surgery came and went and it seems like the weeks leading up flew by and now time is standing still, or should I say laying still.

Surgery was on July 5th and it was an emotional day. I was able to control my emotions and everything until that day and I felt that I just needed to get it over with and be ready to move on. The night before I wrote a prayer, as a friend who had the same situation as me before had encouraged me to do, and I slept great but when I woke I was emotional. 

To have to have a full hysterectomy at age 34 and not sure what else they would find when they were in there was overwhelming. I knew God was with me but fear and the unknown were strong. I continued to cling to the verse, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6 There was much to be thankful for, good doctors, quick action, a great praying church, friends to care for my family, amazing family support and a God that no matter what was with me. I leaned hard into the ten finger prayer any time I would feel worried, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 
Laying in bed recovering

The morning of the surgery we dropped Payton at a friends house and off to the hospital Todd and I went leaving Mom and Dad to do Week of Hope at Soaring Wings Ministries. Our pastor friend, Ms Diane stopped by and prayed and it was such a blessing as I needed to be reminded that we were not in this alone. The doctor was running an hour late and so we just continued to wait. They wheeled me back and that is all I remember until well after the surgery. 

Thankful for all the love and support. 
Todd, Mom and Dad met with the doctor after the surgery. She said it went fine and they were able to remove the uterus, ovaries and tubes. They took some lymph nodes and would have them tested to see what the next course of action would be. The cancer was well in the lining and had just started to enter the uterus muscle so it was good that we acted quickly and got it out before it spread. The doctor said we would hear about the lymph nodes on Monday. 

I went up to my room for the night and they said one person could spend the night. I asked Todd what he thought and he thought he should go home and be with Payton so I asked mom to spend the night. Mom was great and agreed and I couldn't be more thankful. She was such a huge help and encouragement. They worked through the night to get me out of bed, oh my word the pain and struggle was real. I was able to meet with the doctor and get the stitches out and be discharged to go home the next day. 

Family Movie Night in Bed
It was a slow ride home as every bump reminded me that I had just had a major surgery, the dirt road was a good challenge of patience driving. We got home and into bed I went with lots of help. The doctor called and said the test results came in quicker than she ever thought and there was no cancer in the lymph nodes! This is a huge answer to prayer as I didn't want to do more surgery or chemo!! 

I am not able to do more than walk to get a glass of water and go to the bathroom. I do see improvement, the wounds are starting to heal, I can get out of bed on my own, I can stand in a shower by myself and I can almost get back into bed with no help. I can not sit in a chair yet as my surgery has made me sore and weak and they said laying in bed and resting for the first week is about all I should do. 

I will return to the doctor on Thursday for a follow up and to make sure we are all on the same page of what is next. I hope just follow up appointments and be done with this crazy phase of life. I still have 7 more weeks of recovery and we shall see what that means but I am so thankful for all the prayers and all the meals and support. 
Surely goodness and love will follow
me all the days of my life.
Psalm 23:6

I know God protected me, provided for me and guided me through this crazy cancer adventure! Maybe my next blog will be how we came to find out I had cancer as everyone asks how did you know you had cancer since you won't sick but that is for next time! :)

The verse that I am leaning into this week: 
"Be still and that I am God." Psalm 46:10 and

Please pray for:
Payton took a picture of my garden for me! <3
Doctors Appointment on Thursday: that the doctor say we can just do normal follow ups and be done with the cancer world
Patience: As I recover and let my body heal
Family: Everyone here is tired and my family has had to take on a lot with helping me and caring for Payton while still doing full time ministry to the homeless. 

Snuggling before bedtime. 
Give Thanks for:
God: what a great and mighty God we serve!
Family: their willingness to help me in/out of bed, take care of Payton, bring me meals, encourage me, change sheets, and help however they can.  
Friends: Praying, encouraging, having Payton for playdates, providing meals
Modern Medicine: good doctors, nurses, modern medical test and wisdom in tough situations

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