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Friday, March 9, 2012


I spend my entire life trying to share the story of God's amazing love with people. I also aim to listen to everyone's story; to hear how they are feeling and what they are experiencing. It is one of my joys of my life to hear God through everyone's stories!! I love it!

I have LOVED hearing all the adoption stories out there. When you tell someone you are in the process of adopting you always get, "oh my cousin adopted" or "I know my friend adopted" etc. And I can't express how much these statements warm my heart; to know that others have been where I am, to have people excited to share more of their stories but the stories I love the most are from those who have adopted first hand.

I love to see the passion of an adopted parent sharing the story of their adoption process. To see there eyes as they tell a funny story or a hard time and to see the joy when they think about the moment when they saw their child's face for the first time. I can't think of anything I have enjoyed more during this process than that joy, the joy of the adopted parents!

I am loving blogging. To hear people say that they are reading the blog and praying for us and that they hope we get a child soon, it is a blessing. We are a community and my child's adoptive story is already filled with love and prayer and what could be better.

I love blogging so much that I am going to blog again on Monday. See on Monday is my birthday and I want to write to my future child what I hope they know when they are 29 so stay posted for that! I was asked by my sister what I want for my birthday and I can clearly stay just for a birth mother to pick us. I don't think I really want much more than that but then I thought oh it would be wonderful if on my birthday we sold a ton of our adoption tee shirts. To not only because it supports our adoption but future adoptions; to give more families the opportunity to
have a story about adoption and to see the joy and love in their eyes!

Yes for my birthday I would love for everyone to order a tee shirt (the link is on the right side of this blog) and then to post on facebook for how their friends can order shirts too. What an amazing our pouring of love that would be! Thank you to all of you have already ordered a shirt or made a donation. We give thanks for you ALL the time!
One last thing, we are having a fundraiser dinner at Cape Cod Covenant Church on Friday, March 23 and we would love for you to come but we are trying to plan for food and table set up and such so if you are planning on coming please RSVP as soon as possible! Thank you!

Please continue to pray for our adoption journey! Please pray with us as we seek a birthmother, as we get the privilege of hearing her story, and as we continue to follow God through this whole process!

Love in Christ's Love,
Meredith and Todd Peters

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