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Todd and Meredith
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miracles Happen!

My devotions lately have been about miracles and I was getting tired of waiting for our adoption so I told Todd to start praying for a miracle. He said ok do you have anything in mind and I said yes! I want a baby in our home by March.

Not impossible but that was the miracle I wanted. We continued to wait and pray hard about getting a baby in our house by March. Well on Wednesday, December 19 we got a phone call from our home study agency and they said they had a situation they wanted to talk to us about so on Thursday, December 20 we went into the agency.

They told us about a 26 year old birth mother who gave birth to a baby girl in Falmouth in September and how her and her grandparents want to give the baby up for adoption. We talked for a while about what would be the next steps, about the baby, the family, getting all the details we could.

Then we decided that it sounded like something we would be interested in and would like to continue in the process. We all celebrated Christmas and then today, Dec. 27 we went to the office and met first just us and the birth mother, then they added the birth grandparents in and then we left and the family decided that they wanted us to meet the baby.

We got to meet the beautiful baby girl. She has chunky cheeks, big brown eyes, amazing eye lashes and was so happy. Todd and I both got to hold her, talk with her, she looked at us and talked with us. She is awesome!!

The things that stand out to know are the family wants to make sure she knows she is loved, they are putting her up for adoption because they love her enough to say that they are not able to raise her. We love that she comes from a loving family, that she was well taken care of before she was born and after. We are excited for the chance to add the beautiful baby girl to our family! She is 3.5 months old and will most likely come to our home on Januray 2! We will call her Payton Karyn and 6 months after she is placed with us; we will legally become her parents and change her birth certificate to say Payton Karyn.

We are going to work hard to bond with her so she gets to know us as her parents, to have her trust us before the strange anxiety stage sets in. Please pray for us as we adjust to this big exciting awesome change!

Miracles do happen and God is an amazing God!

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