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Monday, January 28, 2013


As someone who works at a church you get all kinds of questions...
Like when I first started coaching at the public middle school the students asked if I was a nun because I was a lady working at a church (I was in shorts and a tee shirt). I chuckled a little and said no.

I often ask myself faith related questions too when reading the Bible or a devotion and one of them always seems to be... Do you believe in miracles today?

Clearly if you read the Bible you see the miracles that occurred  water to wine, healing the sick, and the list can go on and on. But what about miracles in modern times? Does God do miracles?

I can firmly say yes! We are living a miracle! We had been on the list a while for our adoption and we were having lunch with my parents and Todd and I were expressing how ready we were for a baby to be placed with us, now it was October and a busy time of the year for me but that didn't matter we wanted our baby. We knew our lives would change and we would forever be different than before but our hearts were ready and the longing was deep in our souls. My mom said that God has the perfect baby for you and we just have to pray and believe that the timing would be perfect!

Little did we know that our Payton was already born, no wonder we were wanting our baby home- she was already in this world! It is crazy to think that God knew our hearts desire and why it was so deep before we could explain it!

Miracles happen and our adoption story is a miracle.

We used an agency in town that only really works with international adoptions and we have a local baby placed with us. October is a crazy busy time but January is perfect for taking some time to bond with our little peanut. The crazy thing is that our Payton looks like us, everyone who meets her says that she looks just like us! She truly is meant to be our baby!

When we think of the story as a whole it is a miracle. God provides for us in ways we don't even know or can't ever fully understand.

And so I want to say thank you! Thank you for all your prayers! We know that we have a true gift from God and that your prayers surrounded our adoption and we are so thankful!

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