Todd and Meredith

Todd and Meredith
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Every moment

Well moments are flying by in our lives and I do wish there was a pause button but at the same time I would never stop the growing and learning that is happening, life in the Peters household right now is amazing!

I love the sweet moments with my baby Payton. I love the smiles in the morning when you go to get her up from her crib. She is truly happy to see either Todd or myself and the smile and laughs are the best. She is a great sleeper and we are blessed!

I love when Todd or I walk in the room and Payton lights up! It is a joy to parent her and a fun experience to have with my husband. Todd is a wonderful father. I have started back to work full time and Todd is home with her all day. He is amazing and Payton loves him so much!

I love rocking Payton to sleep as she holds my hand. I love the sounds she is making and the talking she is trying out. I love the full out belly laughs and the giggles when we tickle her or play peek a boo.

We feel so blessed to have Payton in our lives and we are trying to cherish every moment with her. She is growing fast though. Today for the first time she is wearing 6-9 month pjs. What happened? Just yesterday she was wearing 0-3 months and next week she will be 6 months old.

I am so in love with motherhood. I love watching her roll over and looking for us when she hears our voices. I love watching her try to sit up by herself and how proud she is when she is sitting by herself, don't worry we are always with her because she is still a little wobbly.

I just love every moment with my family! I love Payton more every moment and I adore watching Todd as a dad.

We continue to feel blessed and continue to want to thank all of you for your gifts, nice words, and mostly for your prayers. God directed Payton into our lives and every moment we are thankful for his guidance and provisions in our lives!

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